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Cornerstones4Care® provides you with personalized support to help you reach your diabetes goals. You’ll find resources, tools, and information tailored to your needs.

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Meal planning for diabetes-friendly dishes

Meal Planning Tool
Easy-to-make recipes for tasty, diabetes-friendly dishes—plus shopping and tracking tools.

Virtual diabetes health coach

Diabetes Health Coach
An online program that provides you with a personalized learning and action plan to help you build the skills to better manage your diabetes.

Interactive health tracking tools

Interactive Trackers  
With A1C, weight, and blood sugar tracking tools, you can share progress with your diabetes care team.

Newsletters with tips and inspiration

These newsletters provide you with tips and support every step of the way.

Free booklets about important diabetes topics

Diabetes Library  
Download free booklets to help you learn more about important diabetes topics. Titles include Carb Counting and Meal Planning, Diabetes Medicines, and Your Guide to Better Office Visits.

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