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Managing Diabetes Is a Team Effort

There’s a lot to consider with diabetes. You may find that you need to make some changes to your daily life. You will need a diabetes care plan that guides you through healthy eating, activity, how to take medicine you may need, and how to track your blood sugar. But you are not alone in managing your diabetes.

Work with your care team to create a care plan

There are different types of health care providers ready to help. They are there to help you get the care you need to manage your diabetes. Together, they form part of your diabetes care team. Be sure to work closely with them. Stay involved, especially with your primary health care provider, as you create a personalized diabetes care plan that can help get you to your goal and keep you there. Stay in touch with each care team member on a regular basis. The same goes for your family and friends, who are also part of your care team, and can provide support in many different ways.

Your diabetes care plan is worth sticking to

As you connect with your care team, you can let them know what works for you. This will help you create a routine that works with both your diabetes goals and your schedule.

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