Normal Blood Sugar Levels & A1C Goals | Cornerstones4Care®

Benefits and Goals of Blood Sugar Testing


Measuring your blood sugar can tell you:

  • How well your diabetes is controlled from 1 day to the next
  • How well your medicines are working
  • How physical activity and the foods you eat affect your blood sugar

Setting your blood sugar goals

Here are the goals that the American Diabetes Association recommends for adults who are not pregnant. However, your health care provider will personalize your plan and set goals that are right for you.


Your A1C goal

Getting your A1C down and keeping it down is one goal of diabetes treatment. Keeping your A1C below 7% may help reduce your risk of developing diabetes-related health problems.


When to call your health care provider

Ask your health care provider when you should call with your blood sugar results. For example, they might say that you should call if your blood sugar levels are lower or higher than usual. Guidelines from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommend that people contact their health care provider if they’ve been sick for 1 or 2 days without getting better or if they are taking oral medicine and have a pre-meal blood sugar level that is 250 mg/dL or higher and stays high for over 24 hours, no matter when you test.


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