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How to Check Your Blood Sugar

Today’s blood sugar meters are designed to help make blood sugar testing as quick and easy as possible. And many insurance companies provide them free of charge.  Ask your diabetes care team to help you choose a meter that’s right for you. They can also help show you how to use it.

Test your blood sugar with these 5 helpful tips:

Step 1
Collect your supplies (meter, lancet, and strips) in 1 place and wash your hands with warm water and soap. There’s no need for alcohol pads.

Step 2
Massage your hands to get some blood flowing.

Step 3
Hold your hand below your waist and then prick your finger.

Step 4
Touch the blood drop to the test strip in your meter.

Step 5
Read your blood sugar results in the meter window.

Keeping track of your blood sugar

When you keep good records of your blood sugar, you and your diabetes care team can make the best possible decisions about your diabetes care plan. You can keep track of your results in a Blood Sugar Tracker or possibly in your meter (many meters have this feature).

Many meters have computer programs that let you download your blood sugar results. Speak with your diabetes care team about a blood sugar meter that is right for you and be sure to ask about how to use it.

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Your Blood Sugar Tracker
Keep a record of your blood sugar results online with this interactive tool.