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Why Being Active Matters

Being active on a regular basis is a good plan for almost everyone, but it's especially good if you have diabetes.

Make being active a regular part of your diabetes management.

Physical activity can help you manage diabetes by:

Lowering your blood sugar levels
Physical activity can help you keep your blood sugar in your target range.

Reducing your need for diabetes medicine

Stretching is a form of exercise

Physical activity can help your body become more sensitive to insulin. Physical activity helps your muscles burn sugar for energy, which removes sugar from the blood.

Physical activity can also improve your overall health by:

Helping you manage your cholesterol
Regular physical activity may help you reduce “bad” (LDL) blood cholesterol and increase “good” (HDL) blood cholesterol.

Helping you manage your weight
Physical activity helps your body burn calories, making it easier to manage your weight. Regular physical activity can help you burn body fat and build muscle. This can make your body stronger and increase your energy level.

In addition, certain types of physical activity can also:

Strengthen your bones and muscles
Physical activity may lower your risk of thinning bones (osteoporosis) by building bone mass. Your body can become more flexible, and you may be less likely to injure yourself during physical activity.

Give you energy and relieve stress
Physical activity may help you feel better about your body and increase your sense of well-being.

With all of these benefits, doesn’t being active make sense for you? Always speak with your health care provider before beginning a physical activity program.

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Being Active

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