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Do What You Love


Your physical activity program should include activities that you enjoy and that are convenient for you. If being active is more fun for you when you do it with someone else, ask a family member or friend to join you. You may also want to vary your routine to keep it interesting.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends being active for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week, or a total of 150 minutes a week. Your diabetes care team will help you develop an activity plan that is right for you.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, the ADA suggests these tips:

  • Keep sessions short; 10 minutes at a time is a good start
  • As you move forward in your activity plan, you may want to try adding a few minutes to your routine
  • While you’re active, if you can’t talk without getting out of breath, slow down or take a break
  • Always talk to your health care provider when you start or change any activity

Stand up for your feet!

High blood sugar can cause damage to the nerves in your feet, reducing the feeling in that area. You may injure yourself and not know it right away, so it’s important to check your feet often.

  • Check inside your shoes and socks for anything that might injure your feet
  • Wear comfortable shoes and socks that fit well
  • Check your feet after being active
  • Tell your diabetes care team right away if you injure your feet

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