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The 4 Cornerstones of Diabetes Care

Cornerstones4Care® is all about helping you take an active role in your diabetes care. Managing diabetes may feel like a big job. That’s why Cornerstones4Care® has resources, tools, and information to fit your needs. Cornerstones4Care® delivers content that’s built around you and where you are in your diabetes journey.

Four cornerstones of care that factor into your diabetes care plan are:

1. Healthy eating

Eating smart is 1 of the cornerstones of care to effectively manage your blood sugar.  Building a diabetes-friendly meal plan can help you understand and manage carbohydrates, sugars, and fats and manage your weight.

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2. Being active

Physical activity is important for your overall health and can help lower blood sugar. There are creative ways to stay active without joining a gym or doing intensive workouts. Have a discussion with your health care provider before you start any physical activity. Small steps can really add up.

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3. Medicine

Eating smart and being active are two important ways to manage diabetes but are often not enough to control blood sugar. Diabetes medicines may be needed to help lower your blood sugar.

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4. Tracking

Testing and recording your blood sugar levels helps you see patterns you can discuss with your health care provider and other members of your diabetes care team. That way, you know where you stand with your blood sugar, what to keep doing, and how to make adjustments based on their guidance.

Find out how tracking your blood sugar can help you manage diabetes.

Remember: Each cornerstone of care in your diabetes care plan should be built with your individual needs in mind.

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