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Your Next 3 Months: Making a Care Plan You Can Stick With

Your Next 3 Months: Making a Care Plan You Can Stick With

Whether you just started a treatment, or you are a diabetes pro, making a care plan can help you stay on track.

The first thing to remember about treating diabetes is that medicines can only do their job if you take them like your doctor tells you. That means taking the right amount, in the right way, at the right time, as often as you are told.

The second thing to remember is that taking medicine is just one part of caring for diabetes. That’s why there are 4 cornerstones of diabetes care:




Staying on Track

Each one plays an important role. As you get into a daily routine, try setting goals for the next few weeks and months with the 4 cornerstones in mind.

Month 1: Success starts right now

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Think about all those things that you can be doing right, right now:

  • Taking your diabetes medicine every day or every week as directed
  • Tracking your blood sugarBlood sugarOr blood glucose. The main sugar (glucose) found in the blood, and the body’s main source of energy.
  • Letting your family, friends, and diabetes care teamDiabetes care teamYour diabetes care team may include: a primary care doctor, a diabetes and hormone doctor (endocrinologist), a registered nurse, a diabetes educator, a dietician, a heart doctor (cardiologist), a foot doctor (podiatrist), an eye doctor (ophthalmologist/optometrist), a kidney doctor (nephrologist), a dentist, a pharmacist, and a mental health professional. help you stay on track
  • Refilling your monthly prescription(s)

Month 3: Keep checking to stay on track

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Keep using the Cornerstones4Care® resources to help you stay on track. And here are some next steps to help you keep going

  • Refill your prescriptions before you run out
  • Discuss your care plan with your doctor to see if it can be improved
  • Schedule an eye exam and a foot exam
  • Make an appointment with a behavioral health professional if you are feeling down
  • Stay focused on the positives
  • Find ways to relax and relieve stress
  • Make it a habit to get plenty of sleep each night
  • Reward yourself for all your efforts over the past 90 days!

Remember to always reach out to your diabetes care team

  • Keep your follow-up visits with your doctor
  • Share progress or issues with your diabetes care team
  • Join a diabetes support group or attend a diabetes event in your area

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