Healthy AND Happy

Healthy AND Happy

This collection of healthy recipes is not only diabetes-friendly, it’s kid-friendly, too! So, you can both feel good about what’s on the table.

When you are first told your child has type 1 diabetes, sorting out what to feed them may seem hard. But it will get easier over time. You will soon learn how many foods affect your child’s blood sugarBlood sugarOr blood glucose. The main sugar (glucose) found in the blood, and the body’s main source of energy.. You may find it helps to keep a food diary to track your child’s meals and blood sugar levels.

Just because your child has diabetes doesn’t mean that they have to stop eating all the foods they enjoy. But you do have to remember that what they eat is a big part of their care—just like insulinInsulinA hormone made by the beta cells in the pancreas that helps sugar move from the blood into the cells. Insulin is also an injectable medicine that is used to treat diabetes by controlling the level of sugar in the blood..

When your child was diagnosed, his or her diabetes care teamDiabetes care teamYour diabetes care team may include: a primary care doctor, a diabetes and hormone doctor (endocrinologist), a registered nurse, a diabetes educator, a dietician, a heart doctor (cardiologist), a foot doctor (podiatrist), an eye doctor (ophthalmologist/optometrist), a kidney doctor (nephrologist), a dentist, a pharmacist, and a mental health professional. should have given you some guidance about diet and meal times. By giving your child a healthy diet at home and helping them feel good about food, you can provide them with all the nutrients they need for growth and help them manage their diabetes.

Of course, you should always check that a recipe meets your needs (or the needs of the person who will be eating it) first. If you’re not sure, check with your diabetes care team.

Download Healthy AND Happy: Kid‑Friendly, Diabetes‑Friendly Recipes

You can find more ideas for healthy eating at the Diabetes Food Hub.

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