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Eat and Test (E.A.T.) for Diabetes Health

E.A.T. (Eat and Test) for Diabetes Health is a national campaign that Novo Nordisk, the world leader in diabetes care, has launched to educate people living with diabetes about mealtime blood sugar spikes and the importance of testing their blood sugar after eating a meal.

Eat and Test for Diabetes Health

Within 1-2 hours after eating a meal, an individual’s blood sugar spikes. That blood sugar number is called postprandial glucose (PPG). For people living with diabetes, ensuring PPG is under control is important. Testing your blood sugar after eating a meal may provide insights into how certain foods and drinks affect your blood sugar.

If left uncontrolled, PPG can prevent individuals from reaching their blood sugar and A1C goals and may lead to long-term complications. Working with your diabetes care team, you can develop a treatment plan that helps you reach your A1C goal and manage your diabetes.


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