Cornerstones4Care® Tools and Resources

Cornerstones4Care® offers a variety of tools and resources that are helpful for both newly-diagnosed patients and those who have been managing diabetes for years. Many are designed for you to share information with your health care provider to help him or her refine your diabetes care plan.  

COVID-19 Resources

Diabetes and COVID-19: What you need to know

Get answers to commonly-asked questions about COVID-19, including: What is it? Are you at risk for COVID-19 because you have diabetes? How can you protect yourself? How can you prepare for being sick? What should you do if you get sick?

For additional COVID-19 information and resources, click here.

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Informative Fact Sheets

What Is Diabetes?

Learn the basics about diabetes, including the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as how to check and track your A1C and blood sugar levels.

Know Your Numbers

Understand the importance of knowing your A1C and blood sugar levels and fill out your own personal Diabetes Care Checklist.

Checking Your Blood Sugar

Find out how and when to check your blood sugar levels, including how to use our Blood Sugar and A1C Tracker to record your numbers and goals.

Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

Learn more about what causes low blood sugar, signs and symptoms to look out for, what to do if you experience low blood sugar, and what could happen if it goes untreated.

Also available in Spanish

High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia)

Find out about what causes high blood sugar, signs and symptoms to watch for, what to do if your blood sugar is high, and when you should contact your health care provider about it.

Also available in Spanish

Building a Balanced Meal

Learn how to create balanced, diabetes-friendly meals you and the whole family will enjoy. Then use our Meal Planner and Shopping List to plan and track your meals throughout the day.

Reading a Nutrition Facts Label

Master those confusing nutrition labels so you can balance good fats and bad fats while managing your protein and carbohydrate intake.

Prediabetes and Diabetes

Understand the differences between prediabetes and diabetes, including the risk factors and how you can help lower yours.

Foot Care for People With Diabetes

Taking care of your feet is important for people with diabetes. Learn how to wash, dry, and inspect your feet, as well as what types of footwear you should choose.

Dining Out With Diabetes

Find out how to stick to your meal plan while eating out, including how to order and what you should do before, during, and after your meal.

Type 2 Diabetes and the Role of GLP-1

Learn about the 8 core defects that can affect blood sugar levels, GLP-1 and how it works in different areas of your body to help keep blood sugar in balance, and treatment options that mimic the action of your body’s GLP-1.

Managing Diabetes Safely During Sick Days

Keeping up with your diabetes care plan when you're sick is very important. Get sick-day tips for tracking your blood sugar, taking your medicine, what and when to eat and drink, and when to call your health care provider.

Educational Booklets

Diabetes and You: Your Guide to Better Living With Diabetes

Get helpful tips for traveling with diabetes, managing stress, and lowering your risk for other health problems. You’ll also learn about managing diabetes when you’re sick, how often you should see the members of your diabetes care team, and which exams you should have during those visits.

Also available in Spanish

Meal Planning and Carb Counting: Your Guide to Eating Healthy With Diabetes

Learn more about how carbohydrates affect your blood sugar and which foods are highest in them. Also get carb and calorie counts and serving sizes for fruits, milk and yogurts, vegetables, proteins, fats, sweets and desserts, condiments, fast foods, and alcohol.

Also available in Spanish

Staying on Track: Your Guide to Tracking and Monitoring Your Diabetes

Get helpful information on checking your blood sugar, what your blood sugar numbers and A1C results tell about your diabetes, and how to manage low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar. There’s also a chart to help you keep track of all your medicines and doses.

Also available in Spanish

Your Blood Sugar Tracker: A Diary of Your Blood Sugar

Get a handy blood sugar diary that lets you easily track your blood sugar (as well as carb intake and diabetes medicine doses) and share the results with your health care provider. If you take a mealtime insulin, there’s also a chart for your health care provider to complete about how to adjust your dose. Serves as a complementary piece to the Staying on Track educational booklet.

Also available in Spanish

Living With Diabetes: Your Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active, and Taking Medicines

Find out more about planning healthy meals, serving sizes, and reading food labels. You’ll also learn about the different types of diabetes medicines and how they work, and get information on how to start and stick with a physical activity program.

Also available in Spanish

Diabetes Management Tools

Diabetes Health Coach

Use this interactive tool to learn more about topics that are important to you and create a plan that you can put into action.

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Meal Planning Tool

Create tasty, diabetes-friendly meals by choosing from thousands of foods. See how what you eat compares to your daily goals, choose healthy substitutions that can help you stay on target, and save your favorite meals.

Blood Sugar Tracker

Enter the blood sugar targets recommended by your health care provider and keep track of your readings on our site.

A1C Tracker

Enter the A1C target recommended by your health care provider and keep track of your test results on our site.

Weight Tracker

Enter the weight goals recommended by your health care provider and keep track of your results on our site.