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How Your Family and Friends
Can Help


The more your loved ones understand what goes into managing your diabetes, the better they may be able to help you when you need it. Your diabetes care team is very important, but family members and friends may be a great help to you along the way.

A few ideas on getting loved ones involved in your diabetes care:

  • Get them to stay active with you—go for walks or do light yard work together
  • Have them join you during your health care provider visits
  • Prepare diabetes-friendly meals together for everyone to enjoy
  • Teach those close to you what to do in case you need emergency help
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Arlyn and her husband Claude discuss how they stay on the same page about managing her diabetes.

Sometimes family and friends try too hard to help. An example is when they may monitor your every move, asking questions like, “Are you sure you should eat that?” or “Shouldn’t you check your blood sugar right now?”

Your support team is yours. Let them know what helps you—and what doesn't.

Keep your support team close
You don’t need to let everyone know you have diabetes, but for the family members and friends you consider your support team, talk about your diabetes as much as you can.

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