Cornerstones of Care

In this section, you'll learn about checking your blood sugar, eating for good health, and staying active. These are the "Cornerstones of Care," which, along with taking your medicines, make up your diabetes care plan.

Healthy eating

Balancing what, how much, and when you eat

Being active

Making a plan for physical activity


Keeping track of your medicine for diabetes

Checking your blood sugar

Making sure your
diabetes care plan is working

When you have diabetes, there are 2 parts to learning how to take care of yourself. The first part of diabetes self-management is to get information about diabetes so you can make good choices. (Diabetes Basics is a good place to do that.) The second part is to develop the skills to put that information to use in your daily life.

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Patient Video

The tools are better

Rudy discusses the tools for treating diabetes in the past and how they have improved.

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